On Shore software

The Halios Catch Manager portal allows your administration to implement an automated system to manage the flows of electronic logbooks (e-logbooks) transmitted by the fishing vessels. The system can receive reports, display relevant processed data and export catch effort statistics to support decision-making in halieutic policy.

A customer-oriented approach

In order to facilitate the implementation of such a system, CLS proposes two different installation systems:

  • Data Center: The system can be delivered to the administration premises, with a complete installation of a turnkey solution (including hardware, software licenses, installation and support services). The center is then upgraded within the terms of a state-of-the-art maintenance contract (minimum of one major release per year).
  • Web portal: The system can be hosted at CLS premises, and a secured access is granted to the administration to use the very same functions as for the Data center. Data access is completely secured and availability are ensured by the System level Agreement (SLA) of 95% of availability guaranteed by the 24/7/365 CLS Operations center.


  1. Secure web interface
  2. Interconnected with THEMIS software
  3. Search & display fishing trips according to time criteria
  4. Access complete information from each fishing trip
  5. Statistical tool
  6. EU ERS regulations compliance

A dedicated tool for fishermen

Halios Catch Manager can be interconnected with the THEMIS software suite and tailored to your local & regional regulatory context. It is also designed for the  reception of e-logbooks by third-party costal states, within the framework of a Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA). Finally it can be adapted for the implementation of a local ERS by a flag-state country, in compliance with the requirements of the Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO).

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