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Support and FAQ

How does a VMS system work?

  • The flag administration of the fishing vessel is responsible for the implementation of the VMS system and must receive VMS data for all fishing vessels flying its flag.
  • When fishing in national waters, CLS coordinates with the concerned administration to send VMS data to the Data Center.
  • When fishing in foreign waters, it is the flag administration’s responsibility to send data to the Data Center of the country concerned by the license.

Vessel monitoring System solutions

Why must I tell CLS if I sell a ship?

In case you sell your ship, CLS must change the VMS contract in order not to bill you anymore but instead issue invoices to the new owner of the boat. This also allows the new owner to get regulatory compliance more quickly.

Why I must tell CLS when reflagging my boat?

CLS must send your VMS data to the proper national authority. If you should change your vessel’s flag state, please let CLS know immediately. CLS will stop communication of your VMS data to the former country’s authorities and send the data to the new Pavilion for regulatory compliance.

How can I contact CLS ?

For any contractual issues (Orders, contracts, invoices, Payment …), please write to:
For any other questions, please write to:

How can I ensure that my satellite transmitter is working properly?

Always choose a dealer / installer approved by CLS to ensure the equipment is installed correctly.
You can visually verify proper operation of your equipment by referring to the user manual.
If in doubt, you can contact to verify that CLS is receiving and processing data from your terminal correctly by specifying the ID N° of the transmitter, the vessel name and flag.

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