VMS: Vessels Monitoring System

CLS helps fishing professionals to monitor fishing activities, manage their fleet, comply with regulation and manage the renewal of resources.

Satellite-based monitoring system allows tracking and positioning of vessels. To be able to manage fishing fleets, data is providing in real-time and  at regular intervals to authorities and fishermen.

VMS is a worldwide system to monitor and control fisheries. Our vessel Monitoring solutions (VMS) are based on

  • robust satellite tracking beacons,
  • cost-effective satellite communication services,
  • and user-friendly data distribution websites

VMS tracking beacons

marge v3 vms

Marge-V3 terminal

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Vela terminal

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Triton Advanced terminal

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VLS data distribution

CLS View

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fishweb software


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VMS integrated solutions


complete package to comply with VMS requirements and optimize fleet management.


A key tool for complying with the most stringent VMS and ERS requirements.


comply with VMS & ERS regulation with an automatic data transfer to authorities