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Track vessels

vms vessel monitoring system

A key step in implementing a sustainable marine resources management policy is the deployment  of a satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). CLS provides a range of VMS solutions based on robust satellite tracking beacons, cost-effective satellite communication services, and  user-friendly data distribution websites.


Monitor catch efforts

ers electronic reports

Electronic catch reporting (ERS) is the new era for better control of fishing activities, more accurate stock assessment and sustainable management of marine resources. In the past ten years, CLS has developed e-logbook solutions as well as communication services to help administrations and fishermen.

Fishery Monitoring Center

Halios solution

Communication tools for fisheries control and sustainable marine ressources management

Monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities

surveillance fishing

A Fishery Monitoring Center is a key element for the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) of fishing activities. CLS has developed THEMIS, a scalable, turnkey fisheries management system, capable of integrating data from a variety of sources (VMS, ERS, AIS, GPRS, radar, metocean…). THEMIS is tailored to clients’ needs and technical configuration and licenses include our world-renowned customer support, maintenance, updates and 24/7 automatic processing management.

Fishery Monitoring Center

Communication tools for fisheries control and sustainable marine ressources management

Fight illegal, undeclared and unregulated fishing

fight illegal fishing IUU

Over 25 years of experience in vessel detection and data collection, CLS has developed a unique and state-of-the-art service to detect and identify suspicious fishing vessels based on satellite radar and other satellite data. In support of traditional law enforcement campaigns, CLS’s operational vessel detection system makes it possible to monitor regional zonesremotely in order  to eradicate illegal fishing activities.

Fishery Monitoring Center

Vessel detection System to fight IUU fishing

Support local fisheries

stock local fisheries

Metocean data is crucial to gain a real understanding of the oceanic environment in order to provide safe and efficient working conditions to local fishermen. To aid local fisheries, CLS has developed a service to provide high resolution oceanography parameters to optimizefishing campaigns as well as onboard weather data.

Fishery Monitoring Center

Satellite based-service for small-scale fisheries

Satellite service to support local fisheries

Protect small-scale fisheries

small fisheries

Ensuring sustainable management of small-scale fisheries by preserving their ecosystem and guaranteeing the safety of fishermen is a key concern of fisheries administrations. CLS has developed satellite transmitters to monitor traditional fishermen during their campaigns, ensuring their safety as well as providing information for fisheries management and preservation.

Fishery Monitoring Center

ArgoNet solution

Satellite based-service for small-scale fisheries

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