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Why choose Argos

Argos advantages


Unique anti-spoofing capabilities thanks to the dual location (GPS & Doppler) of the Argos system


It allows you to easily comply with VMS regulations. For every vessel, it provides position, speed and heading information at least once an hour (and usually more)

Safe & autonomous

Our transmitters have an optional assistance button to enhance the crew’s security plus internal battery in case of loss of power

Confidential and secured

Confidentiality and security of information have always been priorities for CLS. From your vessel to your desktop, all data is transmitted securely.


The Argos system was established as an international agreement between space agencies. Our service continuity is guaranteed by this international cooperation for at least the next 20 years.

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Our expertise

Monitoring marine protected areas

The satellite location and data collection solutions developed with Argos system provide support to MPA managers.

Tracking fishing boats

To support the implementation of sustainable marine-resource management policies CLS has developed the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), a satellite-based system for monitoring and managing fisheries.

Combating illegal, undeclared, unregulated fishing

VMS systems make it possible to improve observations of ship positions and activities, boat by boat, fishery by fishery, in order to provide a better control of IUU (illegal fishing).

Supporting the development of small-scale fishing

A tracking system that identifies boats equipped with satellite location transmitters and makes it possible to manage potential conflicts between industrial and small-scale fishing activities more effectively

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